Split 7" w/ The Shidiots

by The Rackatees

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    The Rackatees and The Shidiots Split 7", all 5 songs!

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Hear The Shidiots side of this record at: theshidiots.bandcamp.com/album/7-split-with-the-rackatees


released 10 May 2013
Recorded in January 2013 at Anytime Studios (Omaha, NE)
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Doug Decker
Original artwork by Patrick
Design & layout by Kolin
Written by The Rackatees



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Anthem for the American (Food Service) Worker
Black and white rhetoric
Enshrined in feeble minds
The tongues that lick the boots
The blind that lead the blind

Never trust a manager
The whip that’s in his hand
Split the flesh upon the back
Of his brother man

Enamored by philosophies
Of simple arrogance
Mouths watering for hand downs
Delivered with contempt

So never trust a manager
So willing to compete
To become the fist of the
Faceless elite

And speaking of the elite
Moving pieces from their spires
Come join your brothers down here
And be cast into the fire
Track Name: Brave New Wilderness
After the collapse and the chaos that ensues
The world will have the chance to become something new
Those that descend from those who will survive
Will see the dawn break through this hellish twilight

At night we’ll gather around our fires
To get fucked up and sing our songs
The ancient songs of our people
Those that will survive the fall

We’ll wear hand-woven clothes if we wear clothing at all
We’ll live in groups among overgrown crumbling walls
We’ll search for food in a brave new wilderness
We’ll live as free creatures as we were meant to live

And of course there’ll still be violence
We’re animals after all
But we’ll stick to raids and ambushes
No more total fucking war

At night we’ll gather around our fires
To get fucked up and sing our songs
The ancient songs of our people
Held the answers all along
And the body-political
No more bullshit democracies
No nations and no fucking borders
Only tight-knit communities